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Career Confusion?

Or confused about courses after 12th, courses after 10th, or even after graduation?

Career Guidance and Counselling

To guide students and parents, we conduct career guidance and career counselling for College and School students. With the increasing number of careers and pathways to work towards numerous career options, career planning has gained enormous importance right since a student finishes grade 7. Through standardized career assessment tests and in-depth one-to-one counselling, we help parents and students make an informed choice about the future course and career selection.

These exercises are NOT to gauge how intelligent or how good a student is, but are meant to help him/her eliminate confusion and doubts, and develop a career path which is the most suitable for the future both in terms of abilities and interests.

Just for example, here are some questions that can be addressed:

  • Which education board to select after class 10? (ISC, HSC, IBDP, A Levels)
  • Would it be right to shift education boards?
  • Is it alright to drop a subject? (eg. Should we drop Math because the kid is finding it difficult to cope?)
  • Which stream to take? (Arts, Science, Commerce)
  • Can one prepare for JEE while following the education pattern is a specific board?
  • Which subjects to select? (eg. What should be the 3 HL subjects and 3 SL subjects? or Should we opt for 4 instead of 5 subjects in A Levels? or Would ISC or HSC Science serve better now, if eventually he/s she wants to pursue commerce?)

There could be 100s of such queries. The right decision now can ensure that the future path is correct.

Our career guidance includes the following steps:


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4




You do an initial round of talk, discuss the confusion or habits of your son/daughter, answer several of our questions and then we recommend multiple or one career test (which can be conducted at our centre itself). Alongwith an Aptitude Test, we may recommend a Personality Test, Interest Test or more. We decide on the date of the test (it can be conducted on the same day too if there is any enough time)



Your son / daughter goes through the career testing. These tests are simple – students go through paper tests answering a large number of questions or by simply marking the answers to objective questions. Generally, 2 to 3 tests may take about 4 hours (and the tests can be done over 1 or 2 days)



Once the reports are generated, parents with their son/daughter visit us for an in-depth one-to-one counseling. We explain the reports to you. We continue our discussion and further understand as much as possible about the aptitude, interest, capacity of the student to do well in one or more careers. We recommend about 3 careers that the student can aim at. We also guide you on how to go about achieving the discussed career plan including several tips on how to improve the performance, be it in academics or daily life.



(not necessary)

Often times we encourage students to keep in touch with us and share regular updates. Periodically students would then email us and even ask about their queries. We enjoy staying in touch with our students so that they can always eliminate any evolving confusions

Benefits of using our Career Guidance and Counseling:

Aptitude meets Interest

Students can pay attention to the skills and careers that they will not only be good at, but will also be interested in. eg. an architect’s son may want to become an architect, but does he have a real interest in architecture or does he have the design skills to become a top architect in the future? Or would a product design course be better because he has a specific set of imaginative skills? Such answers could be made available during the discussion

Course Selection

An integral aspect of the above point ensures that the student selects the right course that he/she will be studying for several years to come. Education counselling is available to decide on courses at School, High School, Bachelors or Postgraduate level. Eg. IB vs Junior College, BMS vs BFM vs BBI vs BCom, Mechnical Engineering vs Civil Engineering, MBA vs PGDM vs Masters in Management, etc. or it could be the right subject selection during A Levels or IBDP

Reduce the load of entrance tests

Should you prepare for MH CET or should you register for JEE Main and JEE Advanced? Given the number of entrance tests that students have to appear for after 10th, 12th, or during / after graduation to simply get an admission in to a College, it is important to know exactly which tests to appear for

School / College Decision

Which board is better? A Levels, IB or HSC? Will studying in School be better over studying in Junior College? A range of questions hit the mind when you are considering the selection of the right stream, or whether you are deciding to study in India or to study abroad

Stream Selection – Arts, Science, Commerce

Often after 10th, the biggest dilemma is between the selection of Arts, Science and Commerce in India. It is imperative to select the right stream to ensure you meet the entry requirements for studying your future course


Parents would realize about this the best. Sometimes all a student requires is a doze of inspiration from a third party. It works! Often times the same advise given by a career counsellor works wonders as against receiving the same from parents Its interesting to note that such a simple solution of doing a career testing or consulting an education counsellor could do wonders for the next 10 years

Change of Career

Job search is a big move in any individual’ s career especially when they have worked in their industry for a few years. Some professional are really strong at what they do and the important part is, they enjoy their work. However, many are unsuccessful or unhappy about the way they are going about their work. Some are simply keen on taking a chance to get involved with their own start up. Career tests and discussions thereafter help such working professionals to understand their core strengths and decide on what resources they could accumulate to indeed make the right career shift in to the right field of work or organization.

There are so many more benefits. Our interest is to engage the student to think, bring belief in them to be focussed and achieve what he or she has set out for in the future.

Types of Career Tests

An aptitude test is a must for career selection. An aptitude is a combination of characterstics indicative of an individual ’s capacity to acquire some specific knowledge, skill or set of organized responses such as the ability to become an artist or be a mechanic. An aptitude test may be defined as a test which measures a person’s potential ability in an activity of a specialized kind and within a restricted range. Aptitude means an individual’s aptitude for given type of activity, the capacity to acquire expertise under appropriate conditions, that is his potentialities at present as revealed by his performance on selected tests have predictive value.

Basically it is meant to evaluate or measure various abilities or strengths and weaknesses of a student. Aptitude test includes a large number of questions about an individual’s interests, preferences, hobbies, working style, learning pattern, and it further assesses social skills, interpersonal skills, and more.

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