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What is PTE?
PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. It has two versions: PTE Academic and PTE General. PTE is taken by candidates to test their English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The duration of the test is three hours. There is always one optional scheduled break of up to ten minutes between the PTE exam.

PTE Academic is endorsed by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)

Students who wish to study abroad must take the PTE Academic and NOT the PTE General


PTE Score Validity:

PTE Score is valid for 2 years

PTE Registration Mode:

Register for PTE Online or at Admitworld Centre (Call +91 9000133877 )

Mode of payment to register for PTE Exam:

Credit card / PTE Voucher (cash)

PTE Exam Test Fee (Standard):

Rs. 10500/-

PTE Exam Test Fee (Late Booking):

Rs. 13625/- (if PTE exam booking is done within 48 hours of the PTE test date)

PTE Result:

PTE Result is received in 5 days approx.

Nature of PTE Test:

PTE is a Computer based test

PTE Official Website:


PTE India Website


PTE Test Rescheduling Fee:

Rs. 2000/-

PTE Cancellation and Refund:

50% of PTE test fee is refunded if cancellation is done at least one week prior to the test date. If cancelled within one week, no refund amount is available

Test Administration Frequency:

On fixed date

Test Repetition Policy:

Next available date

PTE Extra Score Reporting Fee:

No fee. Its FREE!

PTE Score:

PTE test is out of 90 (overall)

PTE Test Duration:

PTE is 3 hours long exam

The PTE examination consists of four sections and is divided into three parts. The sections in PTE examination are Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

PTE Exam – Duration:

  • PTE Academic is 3 hours long and is split into timed parts. When the time is up on the section, the test will move on automatically
  • There are 20 different types of tasks. Some tasks will test integrated skills (e.g. reading AND speaking)




PTE Speaking and Writing

77 – 93 minutes

In Part one, a candidate is tested mainly on Speaking and Writing skills. Under this, the first section contains Personal introduction. Students are given an opportunity to give information about themselves. This part of question is not scored. It is just done to provide information to the selected institutions.


In Part two, a number of question types are made available where a student first gets to listen to an audio and then respond into the microphone. The format of question in this section are reading aloud the sentences, repeating of sentences, describing the image, re-telling the lecture, answering short question, summarizing written test and writing an essay.

PTE Reading

32 ‒ 41 minutes

PTE Reading comprises of questions like multiple choices-choose single answer, multiple choices-choose multiple answers, Re-order paragraphs, Fill in the blanks, Reading and writing–fill in the blanks.

Break (optional)

10 minutes


PTE Listening

45‒ 57 minutes

In PTE Listening, a student has to attempt questions like summarize spoken text, multiple choice–choose multiple answers, fill n the blanks, highlight correct summary, multiple choice–choose single answer, select missing word, highlight incorrect words, write from dictation under this section

PTE Overall score is a mark out of 90. A score of 65 in PTE Academic is a good indication of your English language ability in real-life academic situations.

PTE vs IELTS Scoring:

As compared to IELTS, the score in PTE is given as under:

            IELTS Score                                    PTE Score Range

  • 4.5 Bands                                            30- 40 Marks
  • 5.0 Bands                                            35- 43 Marks
  • 5.5 Bands                                            44- 50 Marks
  • 6.0 Bands                                            51- 57 Marks
  • 6.5 Bands                                            58- 65 Marks
  • 7.0 bands                                            66- 72 Marks
  • 7.5 Bands                                            73- 79 Marks
  • 8.0 Bands                                            80- 83 Marks
  • 8.5 Bands                                            84- 86 Marks
  • 9.0 Bands                                            86- 90 Marks

Benefits of taking a PTE Test over other English Tests:

  • Late registration for PTE available : Register for the PTE test even within the last 2 days of the test date. As compared to this, for other English tests you will need to register at least 10 days in advance
  • PTE Results come early: Get your PTE test result in 5 days approximately as against other English tests where it takes a minimum of 13 days approx.
  • Save on PTE Score Reporting Fee : Additional score reporting to Universities is FREE unlike other English tests where you have to pay for reporting the score to each additional University or College
  • Don’t miss a course start date: In about 8 days you can register for the PTE exam, appear for PTE exam and get your PTE result. Even if you have to take a retest, it is still easily possible

There are more benefits of taking the PTE test, but we find the above as most significant ones

PTE Test can be taken in the following cities in India:

Delhi / New Delhi

Note: To register for a PTE test and to appear for the, a passport is compulsory and you will have to carry it at the PTE exam centre

Quick PTE Tips :

You must:

  • Use correct punctuation for writing tasks: full stops, capital letters, commas etc.
  • Answer the question. If the question asks you to write or speak about sport, write or speak on the same topic and do not deviate from it.
  • Keep strictly within the word limit given for writing tasks.
  • Respond quickly and keep speaking during speaking tasks. The microphone will close after three seconds of silence and stop recording.

You must NOT:

  • Write entirely in capital letters. Only use capitals when needed: at the beginning of sentences, names etc.
  • Click next before you have completed the task and ready to move on.
How many times can I appear for PTE test?
As many times as you want. Ensure that you have enough time to finish your other processes eg. Admission, visa, etc.

Can I send my PTE score to Institutions after I have given the test or should I choose the Institutions before the PTE test?

You can choose to report the score before or after the test. PTE score reporting is free. So you can login to your online account and report the score from there

PTE uses an automated scoring system. How good is that?

Research supports the idea that automated scoring gives more analytical, objective results than markers do. PTE automated scoring system is impartial – it cannot be influenced by external factors like your appearance, personality or body language. PTE automated scoring system means you can be certain you are being judged only on your language performance. Besides, the institutions you send your score to can also be confident that your score is accurate and representative of your actual English language ability.

How soon can I get my PTE score result?

In 5 days approx.

At what age can one take a PTE test?

You must be at least 16 years old. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must provide a signed parental consent form before taking the test. Above 18, you don’t need this. There is no age limit to take the PTE test

Should I take PTE General or PTE Academic if I want to study abroad?

PTE Academic. PTE General will NOT be accepted by Universities

Should I take IELTS or PTE?

Its up to you. You can receive the PTE score way early. So if all your Institutions are accepting PTE, then you may as well opt for PTE

Is PTE more difficult than IELTS or vice-versa?

No. Both are English tests. The scoring system in both test well justifies your level of English

Where can I get the offline PTE Practice Test?

You can download it here

Where I can see some videos to better understand the question types in PTE Academic?

You can have some useful resources here

Admitworld conducts PTE Coaching Classes in Hyderabad

Admitworld also provides last minute mock tests (if you are already prepared but want to ensure, everything is in place before you go for the test)

Admitworld’s PTE Coaching ‒Secure top PTE Result!

  • Original PTE Material is available
  • Faculty with Specialization in English Test Preparation ‒ Over 10 years of Training Experience
  • Personal support of the Faculty with IELTS Prep for each module
  • Includes Interactive CD‒ROM with Full Practice Test
  • Intensive Mock PTE Speaking Sessions
  • Information and Strategies for Each Section of the PTE Test ‒ Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
  • Audio Scripts Played in Classroom for Listening Practice
  • Critical Test‒Taking Techniques
  • Query Sessions with Faculty
  • Realistic Practice Tests in Classroom
  • Limited Batch Size for Excellent Results‒ Personal Attention Guaranteed!
  • One‒on‒one PTE coaching facility is also available. Class size: 5 students or less (always)
  • Batch flexibility to suit your timings – Weekdays, Weekends, Evening Batches available

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