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Admission requirements for Bachelors in UK

Admission requirements for Bachelors in UK

If you want to study Bachelors you must know the Admission requirements for Bachelors in UK.


Whether you apply via UCAS or as a paper application, the following are the documents that you need to send to each UK University for studying Bachelors in the UK:



A well crafted resume goes a long way. It should clearly talk about your education and achievements. Generally, we recommend that your resume / CV should be should only be of one page. Here is where you can get a simple explanation on what can appear on a SMART RESUME. Include your educational qualifications, project details (if any), internship information, list of extra-curricular activities, your interests and any other information that you believe will help you stand out of the lot. IBDP students can include information about their extended essay too and also specifically mention about which subjects were taken as HL or SL.


Academic Mark Sheets:

9th to 12th If you do not have your final semester or 12th marksheet assuming you are currently studying, send the remaining ones to the University. On the UCAS application, there is no way to upload these yourself. Your school / college counsellor will have to report these to the University inclusive of your predicted grades.


Recommendation Letters:

UCAS only requires one recommender. Some UK Universities that also accept paper applications may require two recommendation letters. These have to be on the letter head of your school / college / employer, should be stamped and signed. These need NOT be sealed in an envelope like in the case of US Universities. In UCAS, you will need to register the referee online and you will have to add the title, full name, designation, Institution name and official email ID (no gmail, yahoo, outlook) of your referee. He/she will then get an email from the university with a link they need to click on to submit the recommendation online.


Personal Statement / Statement of Purpose (SOP):

In the UCAS application, you will need to write / paste a personal statement of no more than 4000 characters (with spaces) and which is below 43 lines. UCAS will allow you a ‘preview’ option to check the length and limit. In case of paper applications, the SOP is a 1.5 to 2 page essay. It should address 5 main questions: What motivates you to do this course? What prepares you to do this course (academics, work)? Why do you want to do your Bachelors in a UK University? What are your short-term, long-term goals or career plans in general? You can submit this to us as an MS Word file and we will check and edit this for you.


Internship Letters:

If you have undertaken any internships, then include a letter confirming the same.


Test Score Reports:

Most UK Universities need IELTS test score or PTE test score. These can be sent as a scanned copy once you receive the hard copy of the score.


Other Certificates:

Certificated – extracurricular activities, social work, volunteer work, community service, etc. should be included. Don’t include participation certificates (unless it’s a workshop, seminar or the like)



First and last page, plus any correction page.


Application Form:

Completed application form of each UK University must be filled and sent to the University if you are using a paper application.


Note: No need to submit the financial documents to UK Universities at the time of admissions

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