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Courses in the UK

Courses in the UK for international students

You name an area of study that you wish study in the UK, and some UK University will certainly be offering it, right from the popular ones such as business management, engineering, IT to courses in genetic counseling, gender studies and such. Let’s look at what study options UK has to offer for both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants.


Studying a UK MBA is an extremely popular option for Indian students. UK accepts 15 years of Indian Bachelors and many students apply as fresh graduates. Depending on your work experience you can apply to a set of UK Universities. We find it to be incredibly important to know what your future goals are and must match your interests with the MBA course content that is being offered at different UK Universities. We can help you do that and suggest the right list of MBA programs you can study in the UK.

To see the list of UK MBA programmes with their fee structure, have a look at our MBA in UK section

MSc in UK

Masters Courses in the UK for Business and Management students

Masters in Management (MIM) MSc in Finance
MSc Marketing MSc in Finance and Investment
MSc Strategic Marketing MSc in Banking and Finance
MSc Marketing Communications MSc Islamic Banking
MSc Strategy MSc Investments
MSc Logistics MSc Investment Management
MSc Supply Chain Management MSc Portfolio Management
MSc Operations MSc Risk Management
MSc Human Resource Management (HRM) MSc International Finance
MSc Organizational Behaviour MSc Financial Management
MSc Leadership MSc Finance and Management
MSc Brand Management MSc Accounting
MSc Entrepreneurship MSc Accounting and Finance
MSc Innovation MSc Money, Banking and Finance
MSc Technology Management MSc Investments and Securities
MSc Manufacturing Management MSc Capital Regulations
MSc Mathematics MSc Statistics
MSc Retail Management MA Economics

The above just a few popular programmes for students who have done their Business Studies, BCom, BFM, BBA, BBI and such other programmes in India. 

Masters Courses in the UK for Engineering Students:

MS in Management Information Systems (MIS) MS in Mechanical Engineering MS in Financial Engineering
MS in Computer Science MS in Industrial Engineering MS in Engineering Management (MEM)
MS in Electrical/Electronics Engineering MS in Structural Engineering MS in Biomedical/Biotechnical
MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) MS in Civil Engineering MS in Biotechnology
MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) MS in Robotics MS in Bioinformatics
MS in Information Technology MS in Environmental Engineering MS in Finance
MS in Data Analytics / Data Science MS in Environmental Science MS in Marketing
MS in Data Science MS in Telecommunication MS in International Business
MS in Business Analytics MS in Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering MS in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
MS in Interaction Design MS in Chemical Engineering MS in Entrepreneurship
More…… MS in Material Science and Engineering MS in HR (Human Resource Management)

Masters Courses in the UK for non-engineering and non-business graduates:

MSc in Design (Mdes) Master of Physical Therapy MSc in Public Health
MSc in Architecture Transitional DPT MSc in Health Administration
MArch (architecture) MSc in Psychology / Clinical Psychology MA Gender Studies
MSc in Interior Design MSc in Speech Language Pathology MA Sociology
MSc in Light / Spatial / Furniture Design MSc Microbiology MA Physiology
MSc in Fashion Design MSc Immunology MA Political Science
MSc in Fashion Management / Fashion Business MSc Cell and Molecular Biology
MSc in Graphic Design MSc Cancer Biology
MSc in Animation MSc Genetics
MSc in Creative Writing MSc Food Sciences
MSc in Integrated Marketing Communication MSc Chemistry


Conversion Masters in the UK

UK also offers conversion programmes. Eg. If you are interested in studying Psychology at a Masters level but did not study psychology during your undergraduate studies in India, there are conversion programmes in the UK that will allow you to pursue MSc Psychology in the UK, allowing you to chase your dream!

Unique Masters in the UK

UK offers some unique programs at the Masters level eg. MSc Football Management, MSc Creative Industries, MSc Luxury Brand Management and such programmes which help you carve a niche in your future career. There could also be a combination of major/specializations you can select eg. Law and Management MBA at Bangor University, which students who have NOT studied LLB can also pursue

We have counselled 1000s of students and have placed them to some of the topmost UK Universities. Contact us today and we will guide you!

Bachelors courses in the UK

You name a field and you will find a Bachelors degree course in the UK that is not only good, but is one of the best in the world. And then you can have a combination of fields to study in. eg. Bachelors in Finance and Management, Bachelors in Psychology with Management.

Here are some programs that you can study in the UK (and we have counselled students nearly for all these programs):

Business Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering Biotechnology Architecture
Actuarial Sciences Biomedical & Bio-Engineering Bioinformatics Urban Planning
Accounts Chemical Engineering Biochemistry Applied Art
Marketing Civil and Structural Engineering Chemistry Studio Art
Finance Computer Science Dietetics Fashion Design
Mathematics Electrical and Computer Engineering Food Technology Fashion Merchandising and Management
Statistics Engineering Management Environmental Sciences Graphic Designing & Animation
Economics Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Physics Visual and Performing Arts
International Business Mechanical Engineering Exercise Science Interior Design
Advertising Sound Engineering Rehabilitation Science Furniture Design
Public Relations Computer Science Speech Therapy Industrial/ Product Design
Creative Writing Information Technology Sport Medicine Interaction Design
Economics Multimedia Computing Sports and Fitness Administration Textile Design
Mass Communication Music Hospital Management Ceramic Design
Journalism Theatre Bioscience Jewelry Design
International Relations Film Making & Directing Medicine Product Design
Law Accessory Design
Geography Pharmacy
Literature Anthropology
Political Science Wildlife Management
Psychology Zoology

UK Admission Counseling

In case you’re confused about your studies in UK, we can help you solve the problem. Once we meet you, and your parents or spouse, we ask you questions to get a clearer idea of your preferences, restrictions, and goals. This will allow us to make a range of suggestions with regard to locations and universities. With more discussions we’ll help you pick between them and narrow it down to the right selection of safe, moderate and ambitions options. We will make your process of studying in UK hassle-free.

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