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Easy Admission Process – UK

STEPS Your DIY Kit | To do list to study in UK When we are around
STEP 1 SEARCH – 100s of websites, all universities, specific courses. Here’s a list of Universities in UK to give you a start
STEP 2 SHORTLIST – the right program at the right list of Universities in UK matching your academic background, test score, budget, other requirements.

CREATE – an Excel workbook if that helps

STEP 3 COLLECT – documents and ensure that each of these are correct and in order. This includes editing of the statement of purpose (SOP), getting recommendations from the right referees, writing and editing essays, internship and work experience letters and more. Here’s a list of documents required to study for Bachelors and MBA or Masters in UK to start with
STEP 4 BOOK – your IELTS test date, prepare for it, check if you have scored right, update the University and the right department and ensure that they have received the score once you receive it
STEP 5 APPLY – to all Universities individually and keep a track of list of documents to be sent, and other requirements. It will start with questions like: where to apply, how to apply, is it online or a paper app, what about the application fee, so many more
STEP 6 TRACK and FOLLOW UP – track your emails, wait for the decisions, or update the missing documents, understand the next round of process, etc.
STEP 7 FINALIZE – make a final decision when you have more than one offer. Generally, students apply to several Universities and you are bound to face this stage. Crucially important is, that you make the right decision
STEP 8 PAY DEPOSIT and FEE PAYMENT – pay your deposit or enrolment fee in GBP to the University, wait for a confirmation, or follow up with the University. Receive the CAS from the University and ensure that all details are correct
STEP 9 PAY International Health Surcharge which is compulsory if you must apply for the UK student visa
STEP 10 VISA – understand the student visa process, gather the right documents and check them thoroughly, book a visa appointment, prepare for an interview, present yourself rightly, wait for the decision. Here’s where you will need information about the visa process and documentation. During this time, decide on where you will live, what to pack before going, buy forex, medical and travel insurance and more
STEP 11 ACCOMMODATION – find and book the right type of accommodation and CONNECT – with other students so that you’ll may travel together or help each other
STEP 12 FLY – book tickets and fly. Ensure that you have collected details about how to open a bank account, about travelling locally in the UK, carried important documents along with you, bought the required forex and such other important information that comes up ONLY in the end


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